Allow me to Introduce Myself...

Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Sandra, aka Sandy, an award winning real estate agent in Vancouver.

I’ve been the realtor to entrepreneurs, savvy investors and business women.   And now?


Why am I for you?

BECAUSE you’re successful and you want to show it. But your schedule is tight. You browse online, but you’re short on time

BECAUSE you have home envy. Something like: “I’d love to live in a penthouse loft but I wouldn’t dare”

BECAUSE you don’t have time to pore over Architectural Digest, but you know how it feels to have a home you’re proud to show off.


I find the home that fits your lifestyle.

From arranging for stagers and cleaners to sell your current home to curating the dream list for your next home.  I’ll have you moved in in no time!  So whether you’re entertaining A-listers or having the girls over for wine and cheese, you’ll never have that “my place is too small/passe/embarrassing” thought ever again.

BEST PART: I come to you, or we do everything electronically. Your choice. I make it easy. Ready to get started?

Want to know how good I am?

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Want to know more about me?

I’ll keep it simple and random, with these 11 facts:

  1. I love renovating but hate the mess. I’ve chainsawed staircases and installed toilets. Now I hire people for that. Painting small projects is faster – instant gratification.
  2. I was born and raised on a farm in northern Saskatchewan. Yes it’s cold. And hot. Farm life makes you resilient, resourceful and hard working, with a sense of humour. Kudos to my mom for that.
  3. My love for home decor and design likely started when I bought a can of white paint to update the look of my antique desk and the 1970’s green garbage can. My parents still have both.
  4. I worship a closet that is organized by colour and sleeve length. I will also correct clothes hanging imperfections and folding while shopping in retail stores.  Can’t help it.
  5. Shoes.  The more the merrier. They always Fit.
  6. I moved to Vancouver when I was 20. No job. $400 in my bank account. Seems it all worked out.
  7. I got my start in real estate as an owner/investor in multi-family rental units and houses (one of which was featured on HGTV). All while working as an Early Childhood Educator in a 60 kid childcare program.
  8. I heart Klaus. My neighbour’s rescue Jack Russell/dachshund who lives on a boat. He’s adorable. You’ll find him regularly on my Instagram page.
  9. I have an addiction to learning a new sport. My current habits are hockey (yes ICE hockey), golf and tennis. Competitive and camaraderie all in one.
  10. I LOVE MY JOB! I love houses, lofts, penthouses, decorating, staging and people. Most of all, I love getting you home.
  11. That’s what I do for you here…help you get to your next home.

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Sandra Ens
Sandra Ens
5487 West Boulevard Vancouver BC V6M 3W5
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